As I sit here pondering over the intro article for my very first blog, I’m thinking hard about what
made me want to start it. I went back and forth with my web developer, as I tossed up the pro’s and
con’s. Needless to say, they have the patience of a saint.

In the end, for me it’s about sharing, sounds simple I know. But then I ask myself, what is it I have to
share? And does anyone really want to read all about it? This sharing knowledge thing needs to be
informative, and there will be loads of resources and key takeaways, but you’ll also get what makes
me, me. Anecdotes, recounts of the occasional fuck-up (there could be a couple of those), and
anything else I think relevant to help you on your business journey.

Well buckle up, cause over the years I’ve become adept at being me, I can’t escape myself or the
way I do things, and as that cool writer, Oscar Wilde once said “Be yourself. everyone else is already
taken”. Call it a blog, call it a resource, call it a journal, call it real. All applies.

About the Blogger

Donna Draper is the founder of Matter of Snap Marketing & Events, She’s an Event and Promotion
facilitator, she’s also studied business, retail sales and most recently completed a digital marketing
qualification. Her events have been successfully activating brands and connecting communities
since 2014. For big and small, young and old, she dives into each project with passion and with her
clients’ best interest at heart because, in the end, her motto is simple, ‘Your success is my success’.