I had a conversation with a client the other day that went like this:

Donna – what event marketing strategy do you have in place at the moment?
Client – no, we don’t do events… we sell “XYZ”
Donna – Do you ever put “XYZ” on sale?
Client – yes, of course we do, we have regular sale days at the end of each season.
Donna – well guess what my friend…

When people think of events, they sometimes default to those personal celebrations; birthdays,
dinner out with friends, anniversaries or the celebration of milestones that merit a party. When in
‘Business mode’ it may be about public holidays, trade relevant holidays, moving into a new office,
or your business turning five. And yes, they are all events! Every. Single. One. But there’s so much
more you can leverage off, and it’s not always about a price reduction or a freebie (but they’re cool

You can use business events to successfully reach some really beneficial outcomes like brand
awareness, brand conversion and brand loyalty. And, don’t forget internal events, staff
development, training and appreciation days, all boost productivity and moral.
Still feeling unsure about how an event could benefit your business? Email me,
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