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Grow your business through events and digital ideas

Matter of Snap Marketing & Events is a Central West based agency that helps businesses find their creative brand voice. Using experiential and digital marketing, we work hard to successfully connect hearts and minds.

Founder, Donna Draper is an Event and Promotion facilitator, she’s also studied business, retail sales and most recently completed a digital marketing qualification. Her events have been successfully activating brands and connecting communities since 2014.

For big and small, young and old, she dives into each project with passion but always with her clients’ best interest at heart because, in the end, her motto is simple, ‘Your success is my success’.

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You believe in yourself and your brand and you want someone who’ll listen to your vision and idea’s. Well that’s all we need to know; we’ve got you covered. We listen and we’re here to help.

– Donna Draper, Founder

The Process

Meet Up

First up, we meet. It’s amazing how quickly things become clearer over a coffee and a chat. There’s a reason you reached out, you’re ready, and we’re ready to help.


Then, we look closely at what you’re already doing because there’s no point fixing anything that’s not broken, but if there are ways we can help, we will.


Finally, it’s about finding your solution, and the good news is, usually there’s more than one. We delight in finding creative ways to boost your business.

Working with Us

We are proud of being able to facilitate projects big and small.

It’s all about finding the right balance and fit, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach here. Everyone’s needs vary, and we get that!

We work with multi-disciplined and specialist creatives; graphic designers, web developers, social media managers, content creators, animators, copywriters, photographers, producers, stylists & event co-ordinators.

So, when we say right fit, we will connect you with the right creative people and processes to
achieve the best for you and your brand, whilst working within your budget.

Our Story

Matter of Snap Marketing & Events (formerly Matter of Snap Events) pseudo-existed well before it began trading in 2017. It was born from common sense, hard work and determination.

Founder, Donna Draper has a strong background in business sales, a diploma in digital marketing and a proven track record of activating brands through promotions and events for large corporate clients. She has been contracting her skills and creating connections since 2014.

Donna is a creative thinker, kick-arse problem solver, workflow innovator, and a supporter of great ideas and people. She’s also a lover of good coffee, good music and has been un-jamming printers since the 90’s.

Her sidekick, Audrey is the director of snacks & yaps, model and lover of a good nap

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The Snap Alliance

We are proud of the trusted relationships and alliances we have built over time, and forging on a daily basis. It’s our common values, mission and vision that makes us a force to be reckoned.

Note: Not all allies are common across all geographical areas. For more details, please email us.

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  • 28 Digital
  • Adrift Hair
  • IICONIC Creative
  • Orange Scenar Clinic
  • Prod. elaye
  • Soul Hair & Beauty Room

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