Here’s a checklist of three free things (say that fast 5 times) you can do today to help you rank higher
on a Google search.

Your people are searching for you, right now as we speak. They have a problem and you have the
solution to that problem, but can they find you? There are things you can do to help (and did I
mention they’re all free?

1. Google my business – yes, it’s a thing and billions are using it. It’s the most value packed
toolkit (think swiss army knife for business) – get on it, it puts you front and centre on the
biggest search engine on the planet. It can be found here. (

2. Blogging – it’s feels weird to recommending this here (on a blog) but honestly, after you set-
up Google My Business, this will consolidate your ranking by targeting more keywords whilst
captivating an audience. Wow with either your informational expertise, or your wit and
banter, or combine the two. A cracker blog, laden with keywords, will help you climb that
google ladder.

3. Social media is a powerful and versatile marketing tool – all the cool kids have it, use it, and
make choices based on what they see and hear on it (not always informed mind you, now
that’s a whole other blog post right there, stay tuned) but hey, we are here to fight the
status quo, right? To add value for your consumers, customers and clients, and to interact.
Need help with any, or all of the above, reach out now.

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