When you bootstrap your business (start it with only savings, luck, and some initial sales income) freebies are the best, and it fits in with my bootstrapping motto of ‘don’t spend it till you’ve earnt it’.

In the spirit of giving here are the finest free resources I’ve found that not only help but are user-friendly and best of all, save your sweet hard-earned cash for that next coffee fix.

Marketing can cost, and sometimes you just gotta run that facebook ad to be seen, but who says you need to spend on the design component.  I started off using the free version of Canva and haven’t looked back, it’s full of easy to customise templates.  You can find it here. Then, when you outgrow the free version, the monthly subscription price is worth its weight in gold.

Need a source for freely usable images? For this, I use Unspash & Pexels and both have loads of free stock images that you can use for content creation.

Want to schedule and automate your social media, the free plan on Hootsuite allows you to link 3 accounts before you have to pay for a plan. The win-win here is that it’s a time saver too.

Wondering how to make images you take on your phone brighter and lighter, get the PS Express app, it’s available for IOS and android.

Do you need a bootstrap solution for something not mentioned? Comment below and let’s build on this list.

And if you already have a great free resource, share it below ’cause you know, free stuff is always a good thing!